My name is Alfonsina.
20 yrs
Marine Bio major/Animal lover
I'm a sweet girl made with artificial sugar

if you’re sad, hug a tree. lay with the grass. talk to the moon. let the sun warm your skin. feel the dirt beneath your feet. appreciate the color of the sky, the smell of the flowers. make love to the earth.

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last night I got really drunk and peed in a thorn bush, burned a couch cushion+wooden table and met a bunch of spanish guys

ok here’s the deal.

If i know you irl I can’t give you my new tumblr

I want it to be completely private


Be careful if you’re doing it yourself :( I dont want you to have to end up cutting most of your hair off like I did when I did my own hair to go blonde. And no color would stick to it after so I had a short shitty hair style for a while D:

I’m actually gonna do it at my friends house who is a beautician. I would never do it by myself haha. If it actually  does get messed up from the bleach I really wouldn’t mind shaving my head (but lets hope that doesn’t happen haha) 

message me for my new tumblr url

I won’t be using this one much longer

I guess theres a limit on how many blogs I can follow in a day

so i guess im just gonna hang out here for the night

new tumblr

I made a new personal tumblr

this will kinda just morph into a fashion tumblr i guess

I will be re-following everyone I like


just realized theres so many people that I know in real life who follow me

time to make a new tumblr

i swear black soap is like jesus in a can